The Cape Coast Castle was the home of the slave-trade from the 16th through the 19th century.  The castle was built by Europeans as a point of human traffic to Europe and the Americas.  It stands today as one of the most oldest and visited sites of all of Ghana’s old forts.  Originally built by the Dutch in 1637, it was enhanced by the Swedes, and finally fell under British control in  1664. With the slave trade bustling at that seaport, The Cape Coast became the colonial headquarters for close to 200 years until it was moved in 1877 to Accra which then became the capital.


The Cape Coast Castle is defnitely a place to see. It is the place to see and fatham the history of the slave trade. An impressive museum with information about the history of Ghana, the slave-trade and local culture.  No visit to The Cape Coast will be complete without touring the dungeons of the castle and going through the 'gate of no return”.


There are other tourist attractions in and around Cape Coast. Among these are Sekondi-Takoradi, Anomabu and Elmina.