Along the costal planes of Ghana near Cape Coast is Elmina.  Elmina is the home of one of Ghana's finest attractions, St. George's Castle.  Built by the Portuguese in 1482, St. George's Castle later was taken over by the Dutch and it became the  headquarters of their West Indies Company for 250 years.  The locals are mainly fishermen/women.


The Castle was initially used for gold trading and exports but soon it became another slave trade center.  A visit to Elmina should include a tour of St. George's Castle so that you can explore first hand the evils of the slave trade.  A walk through the dungeons will give you the chills and appreciation of what it means to be free. There is now a small museum on the compounds of the Castle with tour guards who will narrate to you the horrible repugnance of the slave trade .


Other tourist attractions not far from St. George's Castle are Fort St Jago, Fort Coenraadsburg, Dutch Cementary and the Java Museum.